Marshall Manor

Marshall Manor

Marshall Manor Nursing Home is a skilled care organization containing ninety-one (91) beds.  We are the only short / long- term health care facility located within the city limits of Guntersville, Alabama.  Our facility has a long standing commitment to provide therapeutic rehabilitation services and exceptional care for the community we serve and are a part.  We offer skilled nursing and rehabilitation services and are both Medicaid and Medicare certified.

The vision of Marshall Manor is to provide quality medical services, care, and comfort to our Residents.  Our mission statement reads, “Caring for those who cared for us.”  Our goal is for each patient to return to their prior level of function and to improve their quality of life.  In other words, Marshall Manor is focused on building a Relationship of Care with each Resident as well as their sponsors, family, and friends.

Building Relationships of Care…

With our Residents
We believe Relationships of Care with our residents begin by providing the highest quality of care in all aspects of life:  medically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.  We wish to offer this care in a loving, homelike environment while maintaining their privacy, dignity, and respect.  Marshall Manor hosts regular resident council meetings, members of the staff make one-on-one visits and nursing supervisors along with administration carry out routine rounds.  Open door policies and care plan meetings are implemented as well as consistent resident satisfaction surveys.

With the Resident’s Sponsor(s) and Family
We believe to maintain Relationships of Care with the sponsors and families of our residents we must deliver the highest quality of care, love, and respect while we also listen to their voice of individual preferences and personal goals in meeting the needs of their loved one.  In addition to one-on-one visits between staff and family members coupled with care plan meetings and open door policies; we host family council meetings and implement family satisfaction surveys on a regular basis.

With Our Staff
 We believe our staff expects to be treated with respect and given the opportunity to perform the duties of their position to the best of their ability while working in a safe and positive environment.  That’s why Marshall Manor makes the necessary provisions to ensure the needed equipment and tools required to perform their job are in place.  We also encourage continuing education and provide opportunities for their advancement.  Surveys, evaluations, corporate compliance systems, in-service trainings, open door policies, and exit interviews also help to ensure that Relationships of Care are being maintained with those who are giving care to each of our residents.
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